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How do I request time off?

Complete the Vacation Request Form, then send to your Supervisor and You will be notified once your vacation time has been approved or rejected.

To check your available vacation hours, go to and enter your ID/Password.  Open a new tab by clicking the "+" sign in the top left-hand corner.  Click "Employee Kiosk" and then "My Earnings Statement".  Click preview or select accordingly to view other time-frames.  If you do not know your ID/Password, please contact

Can I apply for education/tuition assistance?

Compass encourages employees to continue their education in programs that are related to their position or may lead to promotional opportunities.  Please review the Educational & Tuition Reimbursement Policy & Procedures before registering for any courses.

I recently moved, how do I update my mailing address?

Please fill out the Change in Address form and send to as soon as you have your new mailing address.


I need to update my W4.

Please fill out the W4 form and email to

If I refer someone to work for Compass, do I get a bonus?

In some cases, yes! Compass provides tiered bonuses for employee referrals. Please read the Policy and Guidelines to make sure you qualify.  This form must be completed when the referral is hired.

I need to request a leave of absence.

Please fill out the Leave of Absence Request Form and send to your Manager/Supervisor. Once your Manager/Supervisor has approved, they will send the completed form to for processing.  

HR will notify you with additional information regarding your leave and if it has been approved or rejected.

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