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Where is my VSP ID card?

Our Vision provider, Vision Services Plan (VSP), does not issue ID cards. Let your eye doctor know you have VSP coverage and give them your social security number.

I never received healthcare a medical or dental ID card.
Please contact and provide your current mailing address, we will get it reissued for you.

I need to add spouse/dependent to my healthcare plan.

Throughout the year, you may only add or remove a spouse and/or dependent if there is a change in your eligibility status (recently married, spouse recently lost or changed jobs, recently had a child, adoption, etc.) If these do not apply, you will have to wait for open enrollment.

When is open enrollment?
Open enrollment is during the month of December, taking effect January 1.

How can I get my HSA card reissued?

You must go online to call Health Equity at 866-346-5800.

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