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Snow Plowing Drone

Who is excited about some snow?! Is anyone getting ready to shred the gnar and ride on the pillowy pillows of snow up at Sno-Crummy-Pass? If you can't tell, our site isn't super excited about the snow.

Similar to painting in cold degree temps, the rebar that's installed in concrete has to remain warm (40 degrees or more). We coordinated with the concrete subcontractor and purchased additional heaters, propane, torches, and blankets, to keep all material warm, so we can continue to knock our project schedule out of the park, and hit or beat critical dates; in this case, we're on the books for Monday, to shotcrete another elevation.

Besides the material staying's very cold for the men and women onsite; so, if you see a construction worker in line for some warm coffee in the morning, buy them a cup! They're essential workers, that are exposed to the chill with wind coming off the ocean.

BUT...with snow comes toys, that's a saying, right?

We noticed this morning that 68th wasn't maintained by the City. So, the Fireside Flats site just had a 259D Bobcat delivered and we plan to plow the large church parking lot and 68th, so our crews and neighborhoods have a safe place to park. One of our assistants is also enroute to purchase large bags of salt too.

Here's a photo of our elite foreman, Phil, in the Bobcat, getting ready for the storm cycle.

We're anticipating a slab on grade (SOG) pour the first full week of March 2021. Once we pour the SOG, you'll see the L1 deck poured faster than you can blink! So, be on the lookout for street closure updates and delays.

If you've ever wondered what's beneath a SOG, check out our drone photos! Underneath this slab, there's a storm detention tank, plumbing storm basin, perimeter under slab drainage, SCL power, communication lines (so you can Netflix and chill later), footings, rebar, concrete, elevator pit, some great dirt, and much more!

And...per last blog update, we safely installed a tower crane. Here's our big flex pic.


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