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Demolition Complete & Shoring Commencement

The demolition and clearing of (4) existing homes is complete! Now, we're onto mass excavation and shoring!

Mass excavation started 11/16/2020 and shoring is scheduled to mobilize onsite 11/20/2020.

The neighborhood will start to notice equipment on the roadside: an excavator, mobile crane, and delivery of large piles that are made of steel, which will be drilled into the ground. The shoring piles will be covered with pressure-treated lagging, creating a nice hole made by the mass ex sub, so we can begin underground utilities and foundation work!

Road closures - 68th Street will be open to (1) lane, often, throughout the project; there will be traffic control flagging supervisors, assisting the traffic flow, keeping everyone safe. If you see a flagger, make sure to flash a smile and give them a thumbs up! It's cold outside, and they're helping to keep everyone safe, in a timely manner.

Noise Variance - Please click the link below, which will open a PDF, confirming a noise variance permit approval; it may be loud on Monday, 11/23 through Tuesday 11/24, so make sure to sleep with some earplugs in and let your company know that during those virtual meetings, there may be background noise (exercise the mute button)!

Fireside Flats - DBM - Noise Variance
Download PD • 51KB


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