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68th Street Closures

Hi Neighbors!

First...Compass would like to apologize for not hitting the button "Publish" on prior blog posts; these posts were notifying you of the 68th Street closures due to our slab on grade (SOG) and level 1 PT deck pour. Technology is the last thing to enter the construction field, so please be patient with us (per usual!)

Both pours were very long days, with trucks arriving at 6am to start pouring at 7am (noise variances for SOG and L1 found at the bottom of the page). The concrete sub even worked 17 hours on 3/29/21 to ensure all work for L1 pour was complete!


Starting April 5th, 68th Street will be trenched and new sanitary side sewer, storm, communication, and power lines are going to be installed. At the end of every day, the trench will be covered with steel plates.

Local access for the Lucille building will be provided, but only from Roosevelt's side.

So, unless you're the incredible hulk, there is no way for a pedestrian to physically lift and move these plates. We just ask that you pay attention when you're choosing to not walk on the designated sidewalk after work hours and to watch your step. And/or make sure your coffee cup lid is on tight in your car, so it doesn't bounce and make a liquid mess while driving over the plates.


SOG Noise Variance
Download PDF • 21KB

L1 Noise Variance
Download PDF • 21KB


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